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    I have recorded some gameplay videos of the Valve Portal game. I have uploaded some videos in , but just now came to know that does not allow uploading gameplay videos, because they think thay are not ‘creative’ (which i do not agree) . I have the videos in mp4 with h264 encoded, at 720×576 res, 25fps , 1500Kbps . I want the viewers to view the videos as large and as clear as possible, and thats why i selected vimeo.

    At this moment of time i am not in a place to subscribe to VideoPress, so please suggest another video service, which is free, where i can upload these videos and still maintain good quality.

    The blog I need help with is



    Why not use youtube? You can try Veoh, LiveLeak, Flixya, VideoSift, Ovguide, and/or MegaVideo.

    Hope this help.



    So, phatpast, do you have shortcodes to embed those videos on a blog?


    We’re waiting for the answer phatpast.



    I suggest using Youtube for two reasons large viewer base and easy embedding with your blog



    I am currently started to upload them in youtube (with my limted bandwidth) . It would be the best if it was allowed in, because the video quality is better than youtube.

    For the viewer base, i will be using the videos to use it with blog, and i am not focusing for people to come in through youtube search and see from there (although they can).
    I have checked out viddler but the quality disappointed me.

    What i want is a video service where i can upload the gameplay videos legally, and which will preserve the maximum possible quality of the source file i upload. Keeping a good viewing size (640×480) vimeo is delivering very good quality video output.
    Another thing is my videos are of very short length mostly less than 1 min, and some 2 mins , and probably one 3 mins, thats all. Total size of the mp4 files is about 275MB.

    So shall i continue with YouTube ? or you have some other suggestion, which fulfils my needs



    You could (if it’s in your budget) get the Videopress and space upgrades and upload them here. Check as I know he’s done a LOT of videos and has very high standards.



    The main problem is i do not have any payment media except cash, so i cannot buy any service at any time. I can spend 2700Rs a year for the VideoPress Subscription, but the problem is my blog is not video oriented, and would have mostly text content. I guess that the only videos which would be in my blog is these 18 ~ 19 files totalling 20 mins appx. So i have to pay the 2700Rs once a year to keep only these videos alive (and also have to pay the 500Rs + 500Rs for the domain mapping and registration) , which does not have much quality post value.

    Actually it would have been the best if i had a VideoPress subscription because then all the stuffs could be centralized, and also i like the VideoPress videos and the videoplayer too.

    I think till i decide about the videopress upgrade, i should upload the current videos to youtube. I have tested youtube videos in my blog, it is okay i think.
    Thanks for the suggestions.

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