Alternative method to changing blog url?

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    Hi, I’d like to change my blog address. I’ve seen this article but this other article seems to imply that there might be other options as well. From what I understand, I think I can make a new blog and then either export my old blog and import all the files into the new one, or transfer ownership to the new blog.

    Is this correct?

    Will the old permalinks be broken if I export/import or transfer ownership?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    This is a duplicate thread >

    There are only two ways to change your blog address that will not result in broken links and neither one is free.

    1. This is how to change blog address > If you do change your blog address, permalinks to your old address, including search engine results, will be broken unless you purchase a Site Redirect upgrade.

    2. domain mapping >


    Thanks, what about the export/import method I mentioned? Or transferring ownership to another blog?



    What about it? Do you have a test blog? I suggest you actually try what you are suggesting because learning by doing eliminates all vagueness. Please go ahead and transfer a blog to another username account. Then import content, which has already been indexed under URLs and already appears in the Google SERPs unbder URLs, into the transferred blog with URLs and see what happens.


    I might have to do that, I was just hoping someone who’s done it or who’s knowledgeable in this area might be able to share their thoughts/experience with me.



    I believe your bottom line is that you want the benefit what a domain mapping upgrade or site redirect upgrade provide (seamless redirection of URLs), without having to pay for either upgrade. Well, I don’t believe that’s possible.



    I don’t mind paying for help in moving my blog from current URL to new URL. I just can’t find any place that will help. When I went on google looking for help, I was given a quote, but I couldn’t figure out whether the quote was in dollars or Euro or what. And, there was no place for a follow-on question to ask. Any ideas?

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