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Alternatives to using Flickr for linking photos

  1. Hello,

    I run a multiple photo blogs, some posts with 20+ images each. Currently, my procedure has been to draft the post and bring the images in via Flickr, by using Flickr's HTML "Share" link (copy+paste directly into the HTML on WordPress). Most of my images are very high resolution, which means a larger file size. The advantage to this method is that I can still use the high resolution images, without worrying about a storage limit, and the HTML link is already prepared for me.

    Recently, however, Flickr has changed some things around with their site navigation that makes this procedure incredibly painstaking. Whereas a post would take me 15-30 minutes in the past, it now takes me 1-2 hours or more.

    Is there another solution to make this easier? Via a FTP, or some other alternative to Flickr that I am unaware of?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It sounds like you will need a space upgrade, but you could upload them to your media library here at

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