Although the blog is set to Turkish, some expressions are still in English

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    Can anyone guide me about how to solve this problem?

    My blog is in Turkish, I selected “tr – Turkish” for blog language and almost everything was translated properly, almost. Some expressions such as “Posted by” and “<— Older posts” remain in English. How do I overcome this situation?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    Translating is an endless work, because its continuous improvement.

    You can suggest new translations on your language in the GlotPress project.

    Your can find the strings for your theme ‘Twenty ten’ filtering ‘twentyten’ in the main page of Turkish project.



    Thanks for your reply. My theme is “mystique” so I filtered the table with “mystique” and completed missing fields by entering proper translations.

    I guess I have to wait now. Bu for how long? :)



    There are a lot of strings awaiting approval in Turkish project.
    You can ask for validation in the translations teams site:

    Also, if you would like to become a validator, you can ask for it.
    See the sticky post on the top of this forum “Updated: On “validator” profiles in the translation platform”.



    @ludusnaturae: small correction, the blog is for translations only, questions/validator requests for (Automattic) projects should be done in this forum.

    @ozlemtekinofficial: the translated strings for Turkish will be deployed, meaning that they will become available through the user interface, once they have been reviewed and approved by the Turkish validator, who is also a user and volunteer like you.

    If you are interested in becoming involved with the translation, we’d love your help and there are many ways to do it! Please review for reference:
    Translation FAQ
    On validator roles

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