Always "no result" when using search widget

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    My Search widget does not give any results other than “no result.” I have tried using different themes and different privacy settings. Still “no result.”
    It only gives a result if the word searched for is in the title of the post, but I need the search widget to look inside my posts or at least to search through the tag words that I have designated to each post.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve done 5 searches on your blog just now. Two searches (emergency, food, school) came back with results and 2 (visa, expat) with “no result”. On a second round of searches, expat came back with one result, and visa with “no result”. Don’t know if that helps any.

    Perhaps the best would be to sparingly tag your posts with the most common words associated with the content



    Thank you! Not sure why “visa” isn’t working but the search widget definitely does work. (I had been searching for “visa” as my test search. )
    And I’ll now trim down my enthusiastic tags.
    Thanks again!!

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