Am I allowed to collect membership dues on free wordpress blog?

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    I searched the terms of service and could not find anything saying that it was not ok to collect money through my free WordPress webblog. I would like to set up Paypal to collect membership dues, and donations. I see that in the Support section, it tells me how to set up the donation part, thus encouraging such behavior. What are WordPress’ rules regarding the collection of funds?

    The blog I need help with is


    You did not provide a link to the blog so we cannot even be sure you are in the right forum. Please always provide a link to the blog when asking questions here. Our answers for blogs hosted here at wordpress.COM do not apply to blogs which are self-hosted using the software from wordpress.ORG.

    Donations are OK here at wordpress.COM ( ), but I’m not too sure about “memberships” and I’m not too sure how you would control that except by setting the blog to private and then only inviting the people that had paid a membership, and you only get 35 free users. You would have to purchase the paid unlimited user upgrade to add more than that, and that is $30 per year.

    If your blog is hosted here at wordpress.COM I would contact staff on the membership thing: .

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