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Am I allowed to do this?

  1. Hi folks: I'm a painter and photographer and am beginning to set up a shop on my main website.

    I have a separate blog within which I would like to create an individual post for each image for sale, and have a link which takes the user to my main site to do the purchasing. No financial transactions would take place here, and no paypal buttons would be used on the blog - just a link to my site. Financial/sales info such as price, possibly marketing blurbs, "special" icons, and so on, however, would be displayed on the page.

    I don't want to do anything unethical and I don't know if this would be considered such. I certainly don't want to break any rules. It's just that my blog gets a lot more traffic than does my website and I simply want to do it for exposure and potential sales. Of course, this would all be done very tastefully and low-key.

    Any suggestions or a reminder of the rules is much appreciated. Thanks, and have a great Sunday!


  2. Btw, in case anyone has the suggestion, I considered downloading the WP software and hosting my own, but I want full support in case something goes wrong, so I'm staying here. The posts I hope to make are not critical enough to migrate my entire blog and deal with problems I'm not qualified to deal with, if something happens. Thanks again!

  3. What you're suggesting is 100% against the terms of service. I understand the workaround, but no, commercializing the blog in this way is not allowed.

    You are allowed to have one discreet text link to an affiliate (in this case I suppose that would be your sales site) but not one in each post. Blogs get deleted for that.

    Have you considered dealing with a tech or blog hosting company that provides full services? There are plenty of those around; maybe you could ask Dr Mike for recommendations.

  4. Are they your own paintings? I think one reason why Scoble is allowed is because the book he has up is his own book that he wrote himself. Maybe someone from staff could help you out more, if these things are of your own creation. But I'm not sure though.

  5. Scoble is part of the VIP bloggers program, which is exempt from the "no selling" clause. It also costs $250 a month. A decent techie maintaining the blog shouldn't charge anywhere near that; $50 is more like it, including service and hosting, or even less if you shop around and find someone starting out.

    To stay here what you could do is host your images on your blog and have one link to your site, but no pricing info, nothing like that. Blogs always outrank websites, which is why they're so attractive as sales sites, but it's against the TOS here unless you're in the VIP program which is, as I've said, really expensive. I'm sure you can find someone to set it up and host it. Check the forums for advice.

  6. OK, thanks very much! Maybe when I'm not so buried with other work I can look into learning about hosting my own. But for now I'll just put a single link in one of the sidebars, and avoid any kind of sales-speak in the posts. I understand the idea and will comply.

    I guess the old saying "if you have to ask...." applies here! Thanks for your help!


  7. There really are reasonable hosts for less than $50. Check out and then click on "Hosting". That is a place to start for research.


  8. A lot of hosters also have autoinstallers for their clients that will install and update their wordpress installations. The only issue you would have would be any plugins or themes that you wished to add in.

  9. A lot of hosters also have autoinstallers for their clients that will install and update their wordpress installations. The only issue you would have would be any plugins or themes that you wished to add in.

    Would they take care of everything technical? I don't want plugins or anything fancy. Just what I have now.

  10. Probably not. A lot of hosters don't support the actual software. It really depends.

  11. whytedovepress

    I'm glad I came across this. This wasn't obvious to me when I signed up since domain mapping and web site building were part of the attraction. I looked at a lot of FAQs, features, and forums but somehow missed this important piece of information. I'm grateful I found out before mapping my domain names and filling in content. I know now that this isn't the place (attractive though it may be) for my publishing web site since, even though the majority of its content is free, I will want to sell the book I've published on that site--paypal buttons and all.

    My remaining two question are about my blogs. I have an author's blog, just created, that I would primarily use to encourage feedback from potential readers regarding ideas for my next novel, etc., and to discuss things of interest (hopefully) to other writers and people interested in writers. I do have one published novel and would like to link to the Amazon sale page for that novel and to my publisher's web site. I'd like to post a picture of the novel, too, and have one blog saying that this is the novel I wrote and something about why I wrote it, how, and what it's about. Is any of this inappropriate for

    My publisher's blog is also here on wordpress, just getting started--no real content yet. The idea of the blog is to keep the public informed of changes to content on my small publishing company's web site. Nearly all of the content on that web site will be free with a creative commons license. The site will sell my book and perhaps later on a few more items, and it may offer writing courses and such for a fee. If the blog doesn't name items for sale, only tell about a new article or story available for free on the site or mention in general if there were new bargains on the site, and of course, have one link in the sidebar to the site ... is that okay or inappropriate?

    I appreciate any help given here, and thanks to gloriahopkins for asking the initial question.

  12. This is not a matter for Volunteers to deal with. Please read the FAQs entry and if you need clarification then please contact staff.

  13. whytedovepress

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, timethief! I appreciate your help.

  14. You're welcome. Best wishes. :)

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