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Am I allowed to Iframe my blog into another webpage?

  1. Hello!

    I have a question.
    I've seen that it is possible to iframe a blog in to another webpage. Fairly easy just using Iframe. My question is if I'm actually allowed to do this? I've been browsing the forums and the support-threads without finding any answers.

    The website belongs to a company.

    Thanks for your helo in advance :)

  2. Yes, it's allowed. doesn't put any restrictions on what you can put on other sites.

  3. Thank you so very much for your answer :)
    This made me a very happy girl! Thanks for an awsome service!

  4. Sorry to bother again, but I've just spoken to our law department and they want some kind of insurence that this is accurate. Since this answer/post is made by you raincoaster whi is listed as member, I'm not sure if they are going to accept only this statement from you. Are you an employee of You seem to answer lots of questions here on the support forums :)

    I have contacted Automattic Production with the same question, but has not recieved any anwser. It would be awsome if you could help me out here. I guess I would like an insurance that you're not just a member, but that you actually have something to say in this matter as an employee or equal :-)

    Sorry for being dificult ;-)

  5. emzis
    Is this who you contacted for your assurance?

  6. 1tess
    Nope. I didn't really see this as a support matter but rather a question about legal rights. So I contacted Automattic directly.

    Maybe it was the wrong chanel for it.

  7. FYI people who answer questions in the forum are volunteers and NOT part of staff. When staff comments here, which is unusual, their posts have a little "STAFF" tag on the side so you can tell.

    So I am indeed "just a member." But I'm right.

  8. Alright, thank you raincoaster :-)

    I actually do not doubt your information. It's more that the law department want's a correct documentation, just in case. But I'll try to get hold of them by email :-)

    Thank you again!

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