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Am I allowed to use images I find in google images on my blog?

  1. Ive been finding pictures of hockey players I write about in google images, so usually when I write a blog I find a picture from google images and use it. Is that okay or can I get in trouble?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you notice that warning notice Google displays?

    Images may be subject to copyright.

    It's up to you to locate the image source and read the terms of use. To be on the safe side some folks use only image provided by Zemanta.

  3. Whats an image source and how do I locate it? If I use a copyright image by accident, is it a big deal? I mean will I just have to take it down, or will I go to prison?

  4. When you click an image that has been indexed and appears in Google's image cache you will see this:

    Google Images
    Website for this image (it's a link)
    Name of site.

    Click the link and look for the terms of use for the image. If there are none do not use the image as it will be a violation of copyright. If you violate copyright then you also violate the Terms of Service then see here for what happens next DMCA takedown notice and policy >

  5. Please be aware that by using photos out there you could get sued by sites that are hoping you'll fall into their trap. There are some sites specifically set up with hundreds of the most banal types of photos. Say you find a photo there of a tomato, for example, that you might use in a recipe post. But as soon as you do, the lawyers will come calling. I had a post about this a while back, but the link to the show I cited is broken, otherwise I'd post the example. Some guy in Gemany got sued for about 5,000 euro just for posting a photo of a tomato.

  6. Or was it an apple, and "only" a couple grand? I forget...

  7. I know a person who is being sued by Getty images for the use images without purchasing the license. That person hired a web designer and he used photos from Getty images without getting a $50. license to use them. The photos were really small, perhaps around 120 x 120 pixels and Getty came after that person who hired the web designer for $60,000 in copyright damages.

  8. thepurpledogpaintingblog

    All photos are owned by the person who took them or the person/company they sold it to. Unless they specifically state that others are free to use them, assume that you can't.
    I don't mind letting other people use my photos if they ask and give me full credit for them but if they don't, I will get nasty.

  9. @timethief - I'd really be interested in knowing how that 60-grand suit pans out. Will you please post on your blog (not just on Twitter!) when you find out?

  10. @thepurpledogpaintingblog
    Yes and it's amazing how many people are completely ignorant to the copyright law despite the fact ignorance of the law is not excuse. I have 15 copyright posts on my blog.

    Also when it comes to images there is such a thing reverse image search. I used it yesterday when I checked out a free wallpapers and images blog here and sure enough I found images that are in violation of copyright.

    It's ongoing and if I'm told when it finally ends I'll share that with you.

  11. Rather than use Google Images, one idea might be to do a search for images on Flickr. If you find a photo you'd like to use, you can track back to the profile page of whoever put the image up there, get their contact details, and write to ask their permission to use their photo. A lot of the amateur photographers on there will be happy to let you use a shot in return for a credit and a link back. You still need to be a bit careful, though, as some people put images on Flickr that they don't actually own.

  12. The easiest thing is to do a Creative Commons search:

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