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Am I being found by bots?

  1. Hi! I just recently started my new blog I find random bloggers liking my posts, nothing is wrong with that except most of them have 3k+ followers and I have no idea how they even found me within seconds of me posting my posts. Are they using bots to gain more followers? Because I hardly believe that you can find manually a post that was made couple of seconds ago.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. They could be following your blog using an RSS reader and your URL or they could use the same reader and doing a filter on some Tag / Category (i.e. sleepless)

    RSS readers are quick and update on a regular basis -

  3. Yeah but I have 0 followers and well, dunno it sounds very suspicious, its like that contact adding in YouTube, those guys use bots and you find so many spam contact invites

  4. You have 96 email followers -

    You might want to add the RSS follow Widget to make it easier for people to get the feed address for their RSS readers - if someone follows your site but does not use the WordPress.COM reader or email you will not see them as a "follower" - but you will see page views when they visit

    Have you checked the follower count on your Stats page (lower left corner)?

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