Am I dumb?

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    or do I need to unlearn various GUI conventions? All I want to do is post a small thumbnail pic of my mug in the right hand column next to my prof bio. I don’t eant the pic to appear next to evey post, nor do I want it to appear in that position on every page. Just one pic, next to this post on this page. I thought maybe there was a Safari bug, but FF no better. Could someone please guide me through the steps – I’d really appreciate it thanks, Chris

    The blog I need help with is


    Your bio should be a static page, not a post. See here:

    To add an image to your sidebar, you go to Appearance>Widgets and activate an Image widget.

    But the sidebar is common to all the dynamic pages of your blog. If you only want the image next to your bio, you must insert it in the main body of the bio page: click the “Add an image” button of the page editor, upload the image, set its alignment to Right, insert.


    THANK YOU! It’s difficult to wade through endless FAQ style help items that don’t addressz the fundemental aspects of convention – you have succuntly addressed the problem/confusion. Have to pop out but will try this later. Once again many thanks! :-)

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