Am I Imagining This? Slow Loading When In Private Browser Mode

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    I’ve been increasing certain behaviors in response to government and corporate shenanigans, like laws passed that nullify privacy laws while increasing the state’s ability to police us, like Google bragging about it’s lack of net neutrality – on top of revelations about how the government already looks at anything it wants any time.

    One of the things I’ve been doing is going into private browsing mode. And at about the same time, I’ve found that loading my WordPress blog hangs. It usually will barrel on through if I just hit the refresh icon. Usually. Not always. I’ve been trying to get into my blog right now for about 5 minutes. I even paused to do a quick malware scan and update my Spyware Blaster. On top of that, I run my Ccleaner regularly and have even taken to clicking on this nifty – some here wouldn’t agree and I don’t entirely disagree with his or her reasoning – little app on my toolbar that clears my cache, which, apparently, Firefox benefits from.

    Any thoughts anyone?

    The blog I need help with is



    Do you see the same result when not using Private Browsing mode in Firefox?



    It did not seem that way to me. I will monitor this – switching back and forth – and report back in a couple of days.


    Okay. If you can also try Private Browsing from another computer and location (with a different ISP), that can help narrow things down.



    Well, I haven’t been able to try private browsing from another computer etc (but will keep my eye on this and look for the opportunity to do so), but I have been turning it off and on. I can’t say I see a definite pattern. So I guess it was just coincidence at work. For now, There’s nothing to report. But I do appreciate your willingness, bryanvillarin, to help me investigate this.

    Thanks. Later…


    You’re welcome, and thanks for following up here to let me know. I’m glad to hear that things appear back to normal, and I’ll mark this thread as resolved.

    If things change and you’re able to reproduce something consistently, please update us by posting in this forum thread, or start a new thread and link to this thread.

    Happy blogging!

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