Am I missing something in editor?

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    Hi, I’m using the Manifest theme on the above blog and just recently got the Custom Design and I’m trying to make my first alteration. Under the CSS tab there is “welcome to custom css, etc.” Under that there is “Set a different Content width,” “Start Fresh” and “Preprocessor”.

    However I see nothing there that says “Mode- Add on,” “Preview” etc. Am I missing this stuff? I don’t see the already-existing css that I’m supposed to be able to change.

    The blog I need help with is


    The preview is now automatic and down below the editor window is “Don’t use the theme’s CSS” which was the old “start from scratch.” The default now is “add on”, which is now the default, and in my opinion unless you are doing massive changes should be the one to use, otherwise you can end up with images used in the base theme itself disappearing since they are all relative URLs instead of absolute URLs.


    On and the “content width” is what the “maximum image/video width setting was. You change that number and increase or decrease it by the same amount you increase or decrease the width of the content area when widening or narrowing a theme.



    Thansks @thesacredpath.

    So, if for example I want to remove the underline in links that I’ve created, I would just paste the code right into that box (“welcome to css…”) ? And that would take care of it? See, I thought that I would see all the pre-formatted CSS codes.


    Yes, you just find the code that was controlling the underline on the links, paste it in and change it. You can delete all the informational text in the CSS window, but even if you don’t, the first time you save it will be stripped out.

    You don’t actually edit CSS here. You create rules to override the existing CSS. The custom CSS is loaded after the original CSS so it takes precedence.




    Great, got rid of the underline. Can you please give me the code (for Manifest) to change the links Color.


    The links colors are set in a few locations (different selectors) because all links are not the same color. The title of posts are links (while on main page, archives, tags or category pages) is another link and is controlled by a different selector. The site title is a link and controlled by yet a different selector.

    Which type of link do you want to change the color on?


    Pretty much everything except for linked titles (site and post) seems controlled in these two:

    a:link, a:visited {
        color: #9C8A6A;
    a:hover, a:active {
        color: #3E372B;


    Bingo @thesacredpath… thanks so much.

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