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Am I The Only One Having Problems Inserting Images??

  1. When inserting images and clicking on size of photo (large) -- the image comes up correctly in the draft, but when previewed (and published) the image comes up as a thumbnail.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm having the opposite problem. My images are correctly sized when inserted in the draft, but when previewed show up as the full size in which they were originally uploaded, which is not the correct size inserted in the draft.

  3. Sorry to hear about your difficulties, wish I could help. The only thing I came up with was when I did a save draft and hit the preview button, everything seemed to straighten out. Don't know why.

    If you get an answer, let me know! I'm still waiting! Now I'm having problems with text, the spacing is all off. However, since they haven't answered my first problem, I doubt they'll have an answer for this one!

  4. For me it only happens with single images that I have uploaded and then inserted at a reduced size. When I preview the post, it displays them in the larger size of the original uploaded image. Sometimes when I refresh the preview, it puts them back at proper size, but not always. If I insert an image that takes up an entire column, however, it stays at the proper size. Go figure!

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