Am i traceable?!

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    Let’s say somebody has got in it for you. They want to track you down and put you in harm’s way. (Which isn’t exactly unheard of when you live in a third world country where blogs get blocked every other day and folks thrown in prison for the slightest offense). Now… i was wondering if there was any way to stop these people from tracing my IP address or the address of the computer i’m blogging with (important people with total control over the communication system; the internet included). Is there such a way? If not, is there atleast a way I can protect my correct IP address/computer address from showing? Or a method with which I can make see a fake ID, etcetra?

    This is very important so any suggestion would be appreciated.



    You can use an anonymizer or proxy, but this forum’s not the best place for that. Go seek out specialized sites for more information.



    A year ago I recieved death threats from someone on facebook [they wanted to cut my head off] Britain is not 3rd world, we don’t worry so much about the govt as we do about the bloke who lives over the road, it doesn’t matter much who cuts yer head off does it? but any way for 6 months they were putting tracers out on me but they didn’t find me. just be wise about what you put out about yourself on the net and parents should be cautious about what they put out about their children-sad world folks.

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