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Am new to blogging and Need visitors and people to discuss financial empowerment tips and secrets wi

  1. Hi! Am new to blogging. Pls can anybody teach me on how it all operates and i need constant visitors to share financial tips and secrets with. And how to earn money from blogging. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. (1) You need to focus on creating and publishing posts with original valuable content. When you establish a blog you need to create pillar posts that will provide timeless value to your readers.

  3. (2) Until you have an archive of about 20 - 25 search engine indexed posts that are properly structured and tagged with relevant keyword tags you will not get search engine traffic.

    • (3) Blog design and appearance
      Go here > Appearance > Themes and choose a theme that you can customize so your blog is not wearing the default theme and looking like every other blog with the wordpress default theme.

    • (4) Link to posts in authoritative blogs in the same niche as your own blog in your posts.

    • (5) Link to authoritative blogs in the same niche as your own blog in your Links (blogroll) and leave meaningful comments on the posts in those blogs so you can create a relationship with those bloggers.

      • Encourage comments on your own blog by structuring your posts in a manner that invites reader participation and creates discussion, and answer all comments received ASAP.
      • Comment, comment, comment on other blogs in the same niche as your own blog knowing that the ratio of comments received to "hits" is only 1 comment for about 800 - 1, 00 hits received. </i>
      • Recognize that developing relationships with other bloggers will help you build a blog readers’ community around your own blog.
      • (5) Blog directories do not produce much traffic, the primary reason blogger's register their blog(s) in them is for backlinks and the value of those backlinks can be questionable. After your blog has earned a PageRank of 3 or higher then be selective about which blog directories you register it in.

    • Oops! I missed a carriage return and got the number sequence wrong in the last comment above.

      (7) Purchase your own domain as early as possible.

      (8) Learn the basics of blog promotion and apply them.

      • Join online groups, forums, social media sites and social networks selectively and use twitter, friendfeed and other other Free RSS directories to promote your blog posts.
      • Develop a social media time management strategy and stick to it, knowing that social networking without a time management plan will result in a non-productive time suck.
    • And how to earn money from blogging. </blogging>

      Reality Check
      The truth is no quick and easy way to make money online. Making money online or offline involves hard work. And very few bloggers have the degree of expertise in a niche and excellent writing skills required to produce content that brings in the massive number of hits on advertisements that are required to make a living from blogging.

      Moreover, the fact that blogging is competitive and economic realities we now face mean that making an income from blogging is bound to become increasingly more difficult. In the economic times in which we live easy credit is no longer available, so some companies have trimmed and cut back on their advertising budgets, and we can expect the number of people clicking on ads will decrease.

      You will never make a significant income from blogging if you lack expertise in a specific niche and you do NOT know how to:

      • be a skillful blogger, who can actually write very well;
      • create an archive full of high quality original content;
      • structure a search engine optimized blog and posts;
      • promote your blog effectively via social networks and other means;
      • establish and maintain a faithful and growing readership (organic traffic).

      Also, as you are new to I recommend that you read these support documentation entries:
      types of blogs allowed and not allowed
      no advertising

    • very useful information. as a new blogger this can be a bit overwhelming particularly if you're hoping this will lead to a career. thankfully that's not my objective but i do want to get a readership. thanks for sharing what you've learned about all of this.

    • @dianeswords
      You're welcome. :)

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