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Am trying to buy pro bundle on the wordpress website and link doesn't work

  1. can't buy the bundle. link doesn't work

  2. How do you contact an actual person at wordpress?

  3. We aren't zombies,. We are all human beings. You type what you need help with and we assist you. The link will not work for you if you do not in fact have a free hosted blog and you are not logged in under the username account that registered the blog in question. We don't know if you are referring to a free hosted blog or not, because you did not post the URL starting with http:// for the blog you want to buy the bundle for and there is not blog linked to your username.

    Please post the URL starting with http:// for the exact blog you want to purchase the bundle for so we can help you.

  4. Please accept my apologies. I regret that I sounded rude. I have worked it out now, from your reply. Many thanks.

  5. Hooray! Your username is now linked to a blog. Best wishes with it.

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