Amateur in site making….Need a lot of help… Well, at least a bit

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    This is really scary. My site was hacked, and I decided to recreate it BY MYSELF.
    Actually, I must say more. This site was started 3 month ago and never really run properly. 3 different companies were working on it. Some say, it’s a curse. Should I believe it? I better say ‘No’ and do the things my way.
    But I need some support. The previous version of the site was made in WordPress, so I am a little bit familiar with it and, naturally enough, use the same system again. I’ve learned the basics of the gallery and how to paste the materials in different pages. But there are hundreds of little issues. For example, I cannot find information on how to take away repreating of the heading name in the body of a page. I am not sure how to make my site work the same way in all browsers (IE cannot see half of the things I published). For some reason after its initiating the gallery preveals on all other headings and ‘eats away’ the banners + it doesn’t let to switch for another column (I must only go to the home page and from there further exploration of the site is possible).
    I know that there are too many questions in an unprofessional head… But if someone has time and wish to help, I will really be thankful. And, as the site (when its running) has wide popularity, I will gladly post there credits to my helper.
    Otherwise with no help… see the title page (cute picture attachment) at
    Regards, Julia Petrova



    You’re in the wrong forum and need to be at WordPress.ORG instead for help with that. Our software is quite different and we won’t be able to help you.






    Ok, thanks! I will move to then



    @raincoaster, spam deleted. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    @yulitchka, for full details on the differences between and, please see:

    This link will help get you started at You might want to try the forums there:

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