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    Can I post Amazon-affiliate html? I signed up with Amazon affiliate program, but I find that I can’t post their html for specific book offers. I have my own book on Amazon, which I would like to promote, along with similar products by others. Is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is



    You can promote your own book. Promoting other products will get your blog suspended. Note that you can only use the plain HTML text and image links, not any of the widget or carousel code.


    Thanks, raincoaster. The thing is, I’ve already tried pasting the html generated by Amazon for my book into the text widget and it doesn’t save it. What am I doing wrong?



    Perhaps you’re pasting too many Amazon codes in. If you have any existing Amazon codes to other products, delete them. For your own products ONLY use the “Link to a specific page” links.


    No, Amazon generates one code per product that I am supposed paste in on my website. So I only tried to insert one code.

    If I use the Links section I have to enter links, which means that I am not going to enter Amazon’s code, so the affiliate program won#t work (I mean, they won’t be able to track any sales that might come through my website). That’s the purpose of the code, it also embeds my affiliate id, so just a link to the Amazon page where my book is won’t do the trick.

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