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  1. Justjennifer, I can read the TOS every day until the end of time. As I stated above in my back-and-forth with raincoaster, the TOS doesn't include any policies about affiliates or advertising.

  2. At the bottom of the ToS there is a direct link to the advertising support doc.

    Regardless, I've tagged this again for Staff input.

  3. The revision note which links to the Advertising policy is regarding TOS paragraph #10 and their right to display advertising on your blog.

    Although the Advertising Policy is linked from the TOS, logically any information regarding prohibited practices should be included in paragraph #2 where other user responsibilities and a short list of prohibited content are listed.

    If the Affiliates and Advertising pages are part of the terms of service, then they should be included in the TOS in paragraph #2, at least by reference/link.

    If a user only reviews the TOS from time to time, they could assume that all prohibited behaviors are included in paragraph #2. They could assume they've read what they need to know to properly use WP. And when policies regarding allowable/prohibited content are buried in the "policies & safety" section amongst pages about using strong passwords, mature content, and preventing content theft, it would be easy to overlook.

  4. If you would like to pitch staff on rewriting the support documents and ToS, the email is support at wordpress dot com.

  5. It wouldn't require a rewrite to incorporate restrictive policies into TOS, but it would be best be done by a staff member who knows where all the policies are buried.

  6. @colleen-We can continue to bump this thread, which will push it down in the queue waiting for Staff input, or wait patiently until they reply.

    Rain has also given you their contact email, but you will probably get a faster reply here in the forums. Just don't bump the thread again.

  7. Hi Colleen - The advertising policy can be found here:

    I will pass your suggestions about things to clarify in the TOS along to our TOS team for them to consider. :)

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