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    Hey there,

    Is it possible to take advantage of Amazon’s Cloudflare service in conjunction with a site (*NOT* a self-hosted site). The search terms involved end up find lots and lots of results for self-hosted software instead of

    In any case, does anyone here have any information or experience with regards to integrating media (specifically audio files) streamed through a web site via Amazon CloudFlare? Or, alternatively, is there a way to gracefully stream an Amazon S3-hosted MP3 file (without Cloudflare)?

    Thanks for any pointers you might have.

    (I am aware of the ability for paid plans to handle MP3 files, and we will likely be going with one of them, but we’re really trying to operate from a central cloud storage location instead of uploading all of our files into the infrastructure.)

    – John



    Sigh … apparently, I get to be *that* guy today, who didn’t know how the [embed] tag works.

    Sorry. Move along. Nothing to see here.



    Okay and best wishes.

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