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    Hi everyone, any help woould be so helpful,

    I recently create a store with amazon, it says i can embed it onto one of my webspages, to make it look like part of my website. I have to use the HTML code amazon provides to upload onto my blog.

    When i copy and paste the (2) code to my word press(via ‘dashboard’ ‘Manage’ ‘pages’ ‘create a page’ ‘code’, i paste it here, and then save and go to view my website. it doesnt appear, so when i go back to where i pasted the code, it isnt there either anymore. i read somewhere that teh HTML code isn’t enough by itself to embed my amazon store on my website.

    Basically the info I have which may be able to help is:
    1) what the store looks like externally: [Link removed – drmike]

    2) The code from amazon for my store which, is needed to imbed my store using an inline frame:
    <iframe src=”″ width=”90%” height=”4000″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

    3) where i am trying to get my store to embed to:
    [Link removed – drmike]

    anyway anyone can help please? a step by step guide for noobs would be great, as i have no idea about CSS or HTML.



    You cannot use blogs for commercial purposes: that’s covered in the Terms of Service that you agreed to when you signed up for a blog here.

    If having a store is critical to you, you might want to look into finding a web host of your own and using software from, which works very similarly and has no such restrictions.



    iframes are removed as well from user input as they’re a security risk. Here‘s what you can pass through them as an example.

    That buy your book link on that page probably should be removed as well.


    Hey guys thanks for the info. makes sense now.

    One last question, although my website is not primarily for commercial use, as its primarily a resource centre with news articles. are there any exceptions for making money from it, i.e. google adsense.




    Not unless you join the VIP program, which costs $600 to set up and $200 a month. Then you can have all the ads you want. is itself hosting adsense on some of our blogs (you can’t see it if you’re signed in) so that is never going to be an option here for non-VIP blogs.



    Just for reference, the search bar and the FAQ sticky is up there for a reason. :)

    The only exceptions are for those blogs in the VIP program as well as some case by case situation like if you were a book author and you were promoting your book.

    ps: you now owe every user a steak dinner for bringing up adsense by the way. :)


    Oh sugar,

    guess what I even read that sticky thread about google adsense aswell, but in between reading it and writing this thread, i totally forgot.

    anyway thank you for the help.

    ‘gramps chucks a couple of stakes, with chips and gravy.’

    thanks for the incredible help, great way as a community to help eachother. have a god day.



    Not a problem. :)

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