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    I’m looking for amazon widget (text), or else, where I can listed all my favorite books.
    Does anybody knows a good one. and give me the code to create it !
    Thanks in advance



    You have to make your own text widgets and you cannot have advertising for Amazon books linked to your site unless (1) you wrote the books in question or (2) your blog is a book review blog.



    My blog is a culinary blog. I would like to create a link with amazon with all the books I have.



    Advertising on is very restricted so if you intend to advertise for Amazon on your blog perhaps sending in a feedback requesting approval is the best way to go.



    But to answer your question, best bet would be to add the links you want to a Text widget and place that into your sidebar.

    But as TT mentions, if the main point of your blog is to sell cooking books, please note that will get your blog deleted. You may want to send in a Feedback and get approval first.

    Hope this helps,



    Thanks for your answers. I don’t want to sell cookbooks…not at all. I just want to list my cookbooks with photos of the books. I asked for amazon, because I already saw something like that in a blog: in a post, it was the photo of the book in question and if you click on it, it appears an amazon window with all the caracteristics of the book.
    Ok never mind ! I understand that advertising is restricted. One the reason I choosed WP is because there is no advertising on the blog.
    Thank you guys and sorry for my elementary english.



    I’m looking for the same thing, and I actually did write a book, which I’d like to mention on my website in a sidebar like, a site, did. When I try to do that using similar Amazon-provided code, it changes out to a generic Amazon ad instead of a listing of my book. All I can guess is that perhaps this guy is a VIP account? I’m not looking to sell books–you’ll note my blog is actually an entirely different topic–but it does add some weight to my postings, so I’d like to include it.



    Yes Robert Scoble is a VIP blogger
    qualify and pay for a VIP blog
    If you wish you can confirm the advertising restrictions and the only exceptions to it by reading the FAQs advertizing and affiliate link section and by reading this thread from the official blog

    FAQ’s quote: One discreet text link per blog is okay. Any more than that, send a feedback for clarification. Clicktrackers and any promotion of the “I made a million on the internet and so can you” type of advertising are expressly forbidden.
    Although we are allowed to have one discreet affiliate link in a text widget in our the phenomenon you describe is probably taking because it’s javascript which is stripped by our programming to preserve security.



    Scoble was the very first VIP blogger at WordPress.

    You can have ONE affiliate link in your sidebar, so as I interpret it a link to your book should be just fine. The Amazon coding is javascript, so it is stripped out; what you may want to do instead is make your own text widget with a direct link. You can then stick a picture in, any blurbs you got that you want to feature, etc.

    If you do a search of the forums for Amazon you will find some older threads where people have found workarounds that display the books they’re reading without links to buy them; that’s perfectly acceptable. I think Library Thing is one of those.



    That FAQs thread FAQs advertizing and affiliate link section that I provided the link to above contains all the information including the “single discreet affiliate link” part.

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