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Ambiru CSS Editing Help

  1. I've just upgraded to the CSS Editor and I've chosen to use the Ambiru theme. I've learnt a few things and i've change so aspects of my blog (, but I was wondering whether a few things were possible... so, can you make the photos reach the edge of the blog? by this i mean can the photos be the same width of the content so without leaving the black background on either side?

    Also to upload a header, can i simply use the header section or do i have to link my own header in the CSS? because in the header section in appearence it says a maximum of 500px yet my blog is 920px wide..

    Thank you very much,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry also, how do I limit the amount of posts on one page?

  3. You'd need to add your header image with CSS if you want it to be wider than the default allows. Try adding it as a background-image and using a negative text-indent to move the title text off-screen. To make your post images fit the entire width you should add the following to your stylesheet:

    #content {width:920px;}
    .entry {padding:5px 0;}

    You can set the number of blog posts to display in Settings > Reading from your dashboard, no CSS required.

  4. Thank you.

  5. One more thing, is there anyway in changing the font of each text?

    thank you

  6. Which areas of text in particular? The code below will set the default font but other areas might need individual declarations.

    body {font-family:FONT_NAME;}

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