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    Okay, so this is probably going to sound like an incredibly dumb question, but I’ll take my chances…

    Assuming I have the CSS upgrade, using the Ambiru theme, is there any way to create a sidebar (or split the area under the header into two columns) using CSS? I have some CSS background so that’s not a problem, but I’m just wondering if this is even possible here on WP.

    I love LOVE the Ambiru theme, but I definitely need a sidebar for one of my blogs, even if I have to write the content myself since I know Ambiru doesn’t have any widgets. So if this isn’t possible, I guess my best alternative is to use K2-lite and tweak it to somewhat resemble Ambiru so I can have the sidebar… any other suggestions?



    i believe it’s possible, though i can’t guarantee it. i have css upgrade myself, and devblog who has helped me port the hobbit into sandbox managed to create a sidebar for me when the original theme did not have one.

    ambiru is a nice theme for sure, but interesting to see how well it works with a sidebar. =)

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