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    New to *actively using*

    I’d like to customise this theme which I use on a little more but have no experience with CSS. How do I:

    a) change the width of the single column? I’d like it wider.
    b) How do I change the background gray to a custom image?

    The blog I need help with is



    Without any CSS experience this won’t be possible. Also I wouldn’t advise upgrade and let others do all the work. If you don’t like the theme trying picking another one.


    To change the width in Ambiru, you have to change things in several places. If you want to try it, then I suggest that you first search for “CSS” in the FAQ’s and familiarize yourself with that the CSS upgrade allows, and also look at some of the links to tutorials and such.

    You can then use the free CSS editing preview to play around with things and get it figured out what needs to be changed. There isn’t any official support for the CSS upgrade, and only a few here in the forums with much experience, but if you get stuck then ask the question here and typically someone can help you figure it out.



    CSS is an old-school, still-running styleset medium, but if you just use notepad to save prior entires you can keep modifying the ‘code’ until you see what each section does. trial and error is the ONLY way you can learn to code anything on the mighty interwebz be it HTML, CSS, PHP/SQL, or even javascript

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