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American dream

  1. @pattikuche @lettershometoyou
    It bothers me not that uneducated people with an empty life don't bother to do so.Dirty feet only make tracks in my house,so I love it that you keep your dirty hands off my door bell.You don't have any knowledge to summit anyway so what am I losing.As long as I post and it is read my goal is complete.A person that don't have anything to say is dumb anyway.I smile when people like you and your friends summit a comment because you think that you got the upper hand and that you make me sad,but you just make my day knowing that ignorance is more in you than it is knowledge.SMILE, YOU ARE ON CAMERA.

  2. @tltcl
    Thanks my friend for your support and it is good to hear from you,but I was born for these days in these troubled times and people like them walk around with empty baskets thinking that there is something in it.I feel sorry for them more than I am offended.

    The evil and ignorance in them will be their downfall,all I have to do is sit and watch.

    They are talking loud,but is saying nothing,AND NOTHING FROM NOTHING LEAVES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.So I am not missing anything to see nothing come our of their mouth.
    Stay strong.

  3. This is a reminder that insults such as accusing a person of being "mentally disturbed" for their religious beliefs is a blatant violation of the forum code of conduct and a will result in a minimum 2-day ban from the forums.

    As already mentioned early on in this thread, debates of this nature should not be posted here, so don't help them grow here either.

    apostlejack7, though I can't say that you're at fault for the way this thread turned out, it's probably best to stick with you blog on these kind of things as this incident will no doubt repeat itself.

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