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America's dept problem

  1. I cannot believe as i'm sure billion's of other people can't, how America's problem was allowed to get out of hand over this past 15 to 20 year's.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. America's Department Problem? Or DEBT?

  3. Sorry, but those misplaced apostrophes are really distracting when I read your posts.

  4. @ardpete, DEBT :) well spotted, call it age my eyes i never noticed.

    @daisysprouts, its a very bad habit i have and i must stop using them and learn when to use them, imagine at my age still learning :)

  5. This was all predicted by international economic analysts when Bush announced his first budget. No-one in America listened.

  6. I believe he lifted the ceiling 4 times, Clinton 3 times and i think Bush daddy 3 time. Why did they not fix it, because they would not get elected again. This is now 15 times the debt ceiling went up.

  7. 'Mericans be crayzee.

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