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Amount of Content to be displayed in a category (summary or full text) problem

  1. Under settings -> reading, i set "For each article in a feed,show" to summary but yet, when i click on a category, the entire content of each post is displayed.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry, but this link:
    for the computer-science category for your blog is displaying just the first few lines of your post(s).

    Are you asking about another site?

  3. settings—>reading—>"for each article in a feed, show"—>summary will not govern how your posts are displayed. It is for the RSS feed of your blog only:

  4. This link is showing an image:
    which seems to comprise your entire post.

    Your theme, Greyzed, is designed to show excerpts on category, tag, and archive pages automatically. You can also use custom excerpts:

  5. Thank you for your replies. I tried using the 'more tag' and that seems to have fixed the problem. However, In the link "" I inserted an image because I did not know how to insert mathematical symbols and expressions. I will appreciate help on that.

  6. The more tag is different from the custom excerpt. With the custom excerpt you can say exactly what you want. With the more tag it is only the first few lines to the point where you insert the tag.

    As for mathematical symbols, there is this:

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