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ampersand in tag - options

  1. ampersand in tag - would appear this causes a problem. But already have over 800 tags that successfully have the ampersand. So why now? And if it is going to be an ongoing problem, how can I solve. One I see is changing the slug. Can it be done for past post tags? Would imagine it would be easy to change the tag itself, but also can't see how. Would love to do it all.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you go to Dashboard>Posts>Tags, you get a list of your tags and are able to edit any of them.

    There are special characters reserved in HTML called entities. They usually require a bit of code to represent them so that they display correctly. The ampersand is one of them.
    The code for it is either: & or &
    Give it a try.

  3. Okay, that didn't display correctly.

    Let's try:

  4. Okay...maybe




  5. Nope.


    Remove the periods.

  6. jeffwelston, et al,

    Thanks. But again I have not made myself clear. I already use the ampersand in a tag -

    Ralph & Barbara - it's slug is ralph&barbara
    For some reason inputting the same Ralph & Barbara occasionally now generates a slug ralph-barbara.

    I have 818 of the ralph&barbara and intermittently some new ones generate the ralph-barbara. So something has changed with WordPress.

    BTW, the URL when seeking all posts with the ralph&barbara slug generate -

    So as far as URL code the & is a %26

    For the other slug the URL WAS

    But in the process of trying to rectify I removed the tags in error, deleted the tag and now there are none in the blog.

    So any further insight would still be helpful.

    2013JL13 17:05 Sydney

  7. Your tags widget is still functioning with the "&"

    but the tag link on posts with "&" is no longer clickable (live link). It does still give a count of posts with that (those) tags.
    See below: "Amazing" is a live link to other posts but "Ralph & Barbara" is not a live link.

    Tags: Amazing ( 507 ), Ralph & Barbara ( 818 )

    You have quite a few other tags indicating couples via "&" and the same problem is apparent with them as well.

    I've put a modlook on this thread for staff to take a look. Please subscribe so you'll be notified when someone responds.

  8. 1tess,

    Thanks. Exactly the analysis and course of action I was looking for.

    We'll look forward to any notification when someone responds.

    2013JL14 13:05 Sydney

  9. You are welcome.
    I'm also curious about what staff will say. We will just have to be patient…

    This won't fix the "bug" (and it might make it difficult for staff to track down the problem) but if it's causing problems that need immediate attention, you could change the "&" to "+".

    "&" is an entity used in html code whereas "+" is not. That may be part of the problem.

  10. 1tess,

    Good idea to change & to +, but wanted to know how to do it for all the existing tags? Can I and how do I edit the slug?

    Thanks again for your insight.
    2013JL15 08:50 Sydney

  11. Hi Larry,

    I checked our records for your blog, and the tags that include ampersands were actually included when you imported your blog into Tags created here at will remove the ampersand in the slug.

    If you want to edit the tags you already have in your blog, you can do that under Posts > Tags in your dashboard. Hover over the tag you want to edit and click the Quick Edit link that appears. Type in the tag name that you want, click Update Tag, and the slug will automatically be updated to match. You are welcome to use an ampersand in the tag name, but the slug will omit the ampersand.

    If you have any other questions about this, please let me know!

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