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Ampersands are added after a save

  1. Hi, I am trying to add codes in my blog and started using SyntaxHighlighter Plus, because the php codes seemed to be excecuted and changing my layout.
    Problem that if there is an & in my code, after the "save" it will read&, one moree save will result in & etc, adding two amp;amp; at every save. What could this be?

  2. What is the URL for the blog in question please?

  3. @franklos

    A quick search of Syntax Highlighter Plus seems to indicate that you are not asking about a blog:

    Am I right that you do not have a WordPress.COM blog?

    There are major differences between wp.COM and wp.ORG:

  4. @Tess
    See > and note there is a plugin for users (last paragraph).

  5. ARRGHH! ***head desk *** I meant to type: "and note there is a plugin for wordpress.ORG users (last paragraph)." above

  6. tt:

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