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an Alpha Inventions spinoff

  1. I have noticed Alpha Inventions in my referrers list without knowing -- or caring -- what it is, but yesterday's AI thread was interesting b/c it made me wonder how a blogger knows the quality of the hits their blog receives, i.e. "bounce time," was it? So there seems to be more to stats than just page views but how do I find those other things out? TIA

  2. I don't think we can with the current WordPress setup, and we're unable to use a 3rd party program to get that information. Best bet would be to express your interest in having more powerful blog stats, IP tracker, time of visit, etc. Until then just keep in mind that Alpha Inventions hits probably aren't quality hits (though nice for some exposure). :)

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  4. @teck07 - As a matter of fact it was devblog's comment on that thread, "A hit is indeed meaningless when the user/visitor doesn't even spend more than 30 seconds on your site/blog making your bounce rate really high" that made me post the question.

    Who/what is keeping track of sites' bounce rates, etc, and how can the info be accessed?

  5. You know, I've never really understood this obsession with having more and more detailed and precise stats. What do people think they would do with this information?

  6. @rosclarke - I can only speak for myself and it's mostly curiosity with a little obsessive-compulsive disorder thrown in. But I'm surprised that you find it odd since data mining on the net is such a big issue b/c of how valuable that information is to marketers.

  7. The only stat I care about is the city/country location of the visitor, which isn't available here by default. Other than that, I wish in ten years or so, we'd have a technology to see and know the visitors in real time. It is only natural because a blog is yourself projecting to the world, it is human nature to know who is taking interests in your projections on daily basis.

  8. @buyathread, it's not that I think stats have no value at all. But because of the nature of the internet, statistics are always going to be approximate and thus most useful in general terms, rather than in the minutiae.

    @arifsali, just think about the implications of that for a moment. You'd want the owner of every site you ever pass through to know that you are there and where you're from? I wouldn't.

  9. We do not have the stats in terms of time available from If you use an external service like Sitemeter or Statcounter, that info might be available, but I don't think it is.

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