An annoyance on copying short links.

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    This is my blog.
    I just wanted to let someone know that when I go to copy the shortlink on a post for twitter, because it is so close underneath the short link, in the process I wind up with hitting “report as mature”. It is happening because when I highlight the link, it then closes, then when I click again to copy, my copy is close to “report as mature”. It has happened to me twice today. I was able to stop it, but it does concern me, as I am not reporting my blog as mature, nor would I want to accidentally do it to someone else. I realize that if it doesn’t go to the form, it likely went nowhere, at least I hope not.

    My point in saying something was to suggest the report button not be so close to the short link. I realize that we can “share” to twitter, but I was trying to answer a call from Nancy Grace for cases that need justice, that the public doesn’t know about. She is not following me.


    The blog I need help with is



    I suggest you report this directly to Staff; they’re the ones who configure the Admin bar, and it sounds like they need to move this. Use your dashboard Help button.



    Thanks! Going to do that now.

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