an application to reveal what posts are included in “Home page”

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    I need an application, within wordpress or third party, to reveal to me what views of posts are included in Home page.

    Any help?

    The blog I need help with is



    Perhaps try using the more tag so people click through to the permalink page to read your whole posts, rather than just reading them on your home page. Then the views will show up for the individual post in your stats.


    Are you talking about a listing of some sort that you can put on another site or something?



    What views of posts are included in Home Page? You mean in the stats for the home page, on your stats page? They’re the views for everything on this specific URL and not another such as you’d get for Page 2, or any particular post.


    When I check stats, Top Posts & Pages, The first listing for any given day is “Home page”.
    If I see some number, e.g.. 10, that means ten people viewed whatever was the most recent post at the time.
    But, if I did two or more posts in a day, then I have no idea to which posts the “Home page” stat refers. It could be 10-0-0, 1-9-0, 3-3-4, etc.And, that is what I need to know, which posts got viewed and how many times.



    If both posts can be read on the home page in full then there is no way to tell which one was or if ANY were read, all you know is that someone went to your home page.

    If you use the “more” tag to make people click to read the full post then you will see which ones were displayed fully.



    I use the “More” tag in posts precisely to avoid the above situation. If someone sees a post in the home page they can read so much and then have to select “more” to see the whole article. When they do this it opens the article page. This means that the page stats show everyone who has read the article






    The more tag also shortens the length of your front page so visitors don’t need to page down so many screens. Many news sites have the most recent article in full then use the more tag after the first article or two to shorten the opening page,

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