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An Argument FOR Generation Y

  1. I need your help.

    Yes, like everyone else in this forum I need your help. On what exactly? I am writing a short publication on the dreams of our “Generation Y” and the problems we encounter in pursuing those dreams. To give you some idea of what you can offer, the article is touching on social media, service, entrepreneurship, education, etc. So basically — anything.

    I really want to bring out the ambition on our generation and use the article as a counterargument to all of those people who criticize us for being lazy or exceptionally un-ambitious. You can post your comments here or, if you do not feel comfortable doing that, you can e-mail them to me at [email redacted].

    Even if you do not want your words published, I would love hearing your story. I will not cite you unless you give me explicit permission, and I will keep your identity private unless you give me explicit permission.

    Thank you.

    “There is a mysterious cycle in human events. To some generations much is given. Of other generations much is expected. This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

    The blog I need help with is

  2. dribblingpensioner

    I did a short post on generation Y, you might want to have a look :)

  3. Apparently I fit into Generation Y..

    When you say dreams, do you mean our individual dreams? For me, my dream is to be wherever my partner is and I wouldn't have to work under the fist of a boss.

  4. phoenixtearsheal

    @ dp- that was brilliant! Loved your post :D

  5. dribblingpensioner

    @ dovesgold, thank you, many more like that :)

  6. @dribblingpensioner - thanks for the link! Great post.

    @menageriecat - By dreams I mean the things that you hope to achieve in life, but also the things you hope to see achieved (perhaps by others).

    @dovesgold - thank you!

  7. phoenixtearsheal

    @ dp - I will come alookin', I jus' bookmarked ya :D
    According to the 'list' I'm a 'Baby Boomer' which sounds a bit like BamBam off The Flintstones lol.

  8. What IS generation Y when it's up, dressed and ready to go?

  9. Apparently I'm generation Y. Huh. Who knew? I guess I skipped that whole idealistic-naive-about-the-real-world-phase that seems to characterize my generation.

  10. phoenixtearsheal

    Aah jessie you gotta go look a 'dribblingpensioner's' link post it's hilarious :D

  11. @dovesgold. Ha ha! Yes it's very funny. And I'm a Baby Boomer then. Well tickle my toes and call me Norah. :)

  12. dribblingpensioner

    @ dovesgold, Jessie is following another blog of mine but not this one, i don't know why :( -- ( hangs head and sulks )

  13. phoenixtearsheal

    @ dp - thinks ; .....
    you mean there's more? !! come on then 'fess up, where is it? ..... and
    ....sulks?...hmmm...yes that'll lol :D

  14. @Harry. You can lift your head up matey. I'm now following. Lol. It is a cracking blog mindst. (as we Yorkshire folk say.) I love the 'Aircraft into building' post. :D

  15. @Harry again. Ooohhh, so that's who you are! Well well well. I honestly didn't know. That'll teach me to read the 'other blog's page. :)

  16. What comes after Generation Z?

  17. @ard. It'll probably be something like they do with car number plates. *shrugs* I dunno.

  18. dribblingpensioner

    @ dovesgold, thank you for visiting so many of my posts, so should have a look around and you can find my other TWO sites :)

    That's me Jessie, i have kept it a secret until now.

    Even PETE doe's not know :)

  19. dribblingpensioner

    I forgot to thank you for following, i'll call over later.

  20. Tis true. Believe it or not people, I don't know everything. I know, I know, it must be like when you realized Santa wasn't real.

  21. dribblingpensioner

    Santa, not real, omg after all these years :(

  22. Hahahah!!! Sorry to burst your bubble Harry :D

  23. @Harry OK. Spill it. What are these other two sites of yours and why don't I know about them? I'm deeply hurt. :-(

  24. dribblingpensioner

    Well, lets see, my forum has been going for about a year, there's a link in blogs i like.

    My new blog has been going for about three months, no-one who owned it until now :) Pete has been and Jessie is a regular visitor.

    But at the header i put a page called " my other sites " but no-one spotted it :)

    Nothing more to spill, now i'm going to bed.

  25. phoenixtearsheal

    @ dp lol I like that you've nothing to spill -
    why? -
    Cos your forum is for DIY :D

    Great idea, now I know where to come visit when I put something together and it looks fine, but then find there's still three bits left on the carpet :D

  26. dribblingpensioner

    @dovegold, right now i'm building another forum, nearly finished it for monday to go live.

  27. phoenixtearsheal

    @ dp is it for DIY or ?
    I got probs with teeth breaking off saw blade :D

  28. dribblingpensioner

    Its a joke / humour forum.

    Break all the teeth of and then you can use it to cut through cheese.

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