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An atheist reading the bible?

  1. I'm a Christian turned atheist who's taking a close look at what I'd been taught for so many years. I've got a couple of chapters to read every day for a year, and I'll be posting my thoughts on what I've read daily. Sound interesting? You should definitely drop by and read through, see if you like my idea! Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just posted my first entry for Genesis!

  3. Take a look at my blog as well, at

    Looks like we're in a similar boat here, as I'm also an atheist after growing up as a Christian for 18 years.


  4. Take a look at my blog as well, at

    Looks like we're in a similar boat here, as I'm also an atheist after growing up as a Christian for 18 years.


  5. Sorry for the double post, expect a comment from me soon on your blog.

  6. portlandsfunnygirl

    Love it! :)

  7. Sounds interesting.
    The bible is very interesting, IMHO.

  8. I'm sympathetic to your point of view.
    My friend, you are trying to find meaning in this world. It is not here. It is a treasure to be diligently saught after. There is no other way except Christ. He says of himself, I am the way the truth and the life. Take a look at

  9. I'm sorry, that was,

  10. I love your premise and look forward to following your journey. As long as everybody is giving you advice, I’ll jump on the bandwagon. I love the history of the Bible and all of the different groups who bundled it together. It’s sort of a guide written by a committee. I suggest you get a copy of Isaac Asimov’s Guide to the Bible. It takes each section of the Bible and traces it’s roots to which group originally had that part as their own story.

  11. xxfrozenflower

    Wow, your blog definitely sounds interesting~ I never thought a blog with a premise like this would ever come up! Consider me hooked. <3

  12. Satan's premise in the Garden of Eden was, that if Eve were to disobey God and eat the forbidden fruit she would be like God, and "know good and evil," and be wiser by doing so. She and Adam bought into Satan's seduction; history tells the rest of the story. I offer a good example to put this into modern context: A few years ago CNBC did a documentary on the Pelican Bay prison in Southern California. Nothing was prearranged, the guards and prisoners were being filmed randomly when a prisoner, a murderer to be feared, walked up to the cameraman, raised his arms and snarled, "I am my own man, nobody tells me what to do."

    My blogger friends in some respects this is the human race. If Christ were to return once again they would kill him again, and you and I would likely be in the mob.

    So, please answer this question, why would he be killed??

  13. @wemustknowtruths, I do not believe snakes can speak. Please show me one.

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