An easier way to input URLs into my blogroll?

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    Now I want to start adding URLs for my blogroll. I did the first ones by clicking onto LINKS > Add New Link and then typing in the link, clicking which category the links belongs to, etc.

    But is there an easier way to do this? I have a bunch of URLs that have to be entered….. <cough>


    theme: Andreas ’09

    I do not know html.

    The blog I need help with is


    If you have them in a text file or something, you can copy and paste them in instead of typing them in, or go to the website and then copy the address out of the browser address bar and into the links editor.

    I’m afraid there aren’t any other options that I can think of.



    I was asking the same question a few days ago. But it was sad I didn’t even get a reply :( o well I see the answer, Cut n paste from address bar. The wierd thing, inside blogsurfer it says this is a new application so please submit comments upper right, but then nothing opens for comments. O well
    BTW WP is great, no complaints!


    @maaark, sorry you did not get a reply to your previous query, but I’m glad that you found this thread and your answer.

    You can also use the support link to submit comments on blogsurfer if the comment link there is not working: http://support.wordpress.COM/contact/ .



    Sacred Path, I did most of it last night. I just copied and pasted. :-)



    Does anyone here know how to add external links to the main navigation at the top? I want it to be able to go directly to my other website without having to create a page and add the link there.


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    You are actually asking a quite different question, but the most important thing is:
    we need to see a link to your blog, starting with:

    We can’t see your blog without a link! So we can not help you with specific information.


    Sorry, I’m really new to this stuff.



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    Blix is the theme you are using, and it is one of the themes that will allow you to make a page title an actual link to another page or site. (Note that not all themes can use this—that’s why it’s important to include a link to the blog you are asking about!!)
    dashboard > add new page > Type this code into the title of your new page:
    Note that the name of the page (name of link) must include a space, so if it is only one word, write it as name + space.


    Thank you so much 1tess! Tech support told me there wasn’t a way to do it. Appreciate the help!!

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