An Error in WP coding that I felt

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    I was trying to use WP in my self hosted blog yesterday. I did it. And while I was creating new users for the blog, it worked nicely as it should be. But there it is told and expected that the NEW USER should be notified by auto-generated mail to his/her email inbox. But it wasn’t happening.

    As I love wordpress like anything, I was going deep with the coding segment and also trying to find some discussions online whether I alone find this problem or not. Later I heard in some other discussions that this is a problem from version 2.3 and later! though, I was using version 3

    I wish to express my view to someone who is has got authoritative of this WP. I wish just a very simple editing of code will resolve the problem. this is just to mention so that the future users of the WordPress will find it as smooth as it is.

    no doubt, I love WordPress like anything…
    Best wishes for all of you.

    — Mahmud Faisal
    (the proud WordPress validator for Bengali Language)

    The blog I need help with is


    This is really something that should be posted over at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ as that is where the support/development and such takes place for wordpress core, and this would be a core issue.

    Perhaps even thinking of submitting a ticket on it over at .

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