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    We are not design people or IT engineers.

    We are bloggers – not the same and please remember that. A developmental product and a finished one are not the same.

    We like to have a forum to chat.

    Now we don’t have one. Actually now we don’t have two.

    Because we could also share posts on showcase.

    If there is a problem with spam you could appoint more moderators.

    I miss the best part of the forums and other people do too.

    So, give us back a forum. Why not?

    The blog I need help with is



    There IS a thread for self-promotion of your posts:

    It’s such a brilliant idea. Now his blog gets all the hits and attention the forum used to get. We had one thread that was over three thousand comments long here. That will give his site a tremendous boost.


    Lol! But that’s not quite what I said was it? And you know it wasn’t.

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