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An observation and questions

  1. Many questions get asked about promoting one's blog. One of the suggestions I see often when reading the forums is to concentrate on one's own niche.

    While I understand the logic of this, for me personally, I like to read (and comment on) a variety of different blogs. Sometimes I am interested in the topic, sometimes I just like the writing style or the sense of humour of the author.

    I link to several wildly different blogs on my own home page. Yet I can understand that readers may expect, on any given blog, to find referrals to similar blogs. I can understand that if I comment on a blog, that author might expect mine to be in their niche.

    I am interested to know if other people like to read a wide variety of blogs too, or am I just strange?

    Are readers possibly disappointed if they click on a link from my home page and find a 100% totally unrelated topic?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have never cared about staying in a niche and I have been quite happy with my results so far. I write about what I want and link to whatever type of blog I want. In my opinion there is waaaaaay too much emphasis put on this silly "niche" concept. The question I ask myself is: Are my target readers able to find me? Sports Information Directors at the schools I write about link to me when I write about their teams and my dashboard shows people getting referred to me by searching under the topics I write about.

    People get referred to my blog by searching at Dogpile or Yippy or Google under Bunyoro Myth, or under the names of teams I write about, or movie titles or English Civil War, or even historical figures I mention in passing in my articles. So I would say don't obsess over the "niche" concept like some people do.

  3. Yeah just write what you want and screw the niche besides I reckon I have ADHD so I find it hard to stay on topic anyw...

    Boy, Charlie Sheen is crazy.

  4. I think staying only in one niche is the same thing as being close minded. If someone surounds themself only with people who are gonna agree with their own viewpoint.... The world will become shallow, and soon you have a group that feeds off itself in an unhealthy way. There will be no presonal or cultural growth.
    I think every nich in society has its 'fanatics.' and with that word comes closeminded thinking.

    Better to walk freely amongst the blogs and bloggers, greeting and commenting as your whims and heart tell you. Never loose site of the bigger picture.

  5. Locating blogs in your own niche as well as others of interest to you and commenting on them is a logical step to take when you begin blogging. The two are NOT mutually exclusive choices. I know know any bloggers who read and comment ONLY on blogs in the same niche their blogs are in. We bloggers like all humans have many interests and we read and comment in blogs in a variety of niches.

    If you are simply blogging as a form of socializing and making friends then backlinks and pagerank will not be of interest to you. If you are a business blogger, a professional blogger, a charitable organization blogger, or almost any other blogger, who wants their blog to be considered to be successful in any niche, then reading and commenting on blogs in your own niche is a natural thing to do, as it leads to forming relationships and links are an indication of relationships.

    1. When someone is new to blogging it makes sense for them to locate other blogs in the same niche and to comment on and backlink to those blogs in posts of their own on the same subjects. .

    For example you are writing about "elephants" then you will probably be attracted to other blogs where "elephants" are being discussed. You will want to be informed about the latest news pertaining to "elephants" so you will research the topic before you publish your posts on it and include links to relevant articles in them.

    The reason we provide links to other related articles in our posts are 4 in number. Links to your sources are important to your readers at least four reasons: Verifiability, Acknowledgment, Examples, Context. If you don't even read blogs on the topic(s) you blog about then readers may wonder where do you get your information from, and how much credence they can attribute to what you publish.

    2. Commenting on blogs in your own niche brings the fact your blog exists to the attention of like-minded others and their readers in the same niche who blog on the same or similar topics.

    3. Commenting on blogs in your own niche may lead to the bloggers who receive comments from you to click your username link, click in and read, and comment on your posts.

    4. Commenting on blogs in your own niche may lead to the bloggers who receive comments from you backlinking to your posts in blog posts of their own on the same topic (s) (And do note that without backlinks to your posts in posts published on the blogs of like-minded bloggers your blog will not earn a pagerank.)

    5. Commenting on blogs in your own niche also brings your new blog some traffic from those readers on related blogs you commented on, who click your username link in your comments and visit your blog to see what you have to offer.

    6. Commenting on blogs in your own niche may lead to readers of blogs who receive comments from you choosing to backlink to your posts in blog posts of their own on the same topic (s)

    It's my experience it is only those who have no specific purpose for their blog or goals they aim to achieve via blogging, who raise objections to being told to locate and comment on blogs in the same niche. They blog for the purpose of connecting and socializing and and want to make friends and have fun. They don't care about niches, links, backlinks or pagerank.

    Well, the most wonderful thing about the blogosphere is that there room for all kinds of bloggers in it, including those who actually want to learn how to blog effectively and achieve their blogging goals. So blog on!

  6. Thank you everyone! It is good to see the various opinions and experiences, especially for us newbies.

    I think I'm going to try to do a bit of both (as my niche seems to be extremely small unless I take in the whole civil rights niche).

    I'm not raising objections, TT, I'm just curious. I see it mentioned often and thought this might be a good forum to talk about it.

  7. @Sara - arrrrrrr - I think this is the message you meant!

  8. arrrrr? is this pirate talk? Yes its the one. :)

  9. LOL - no, not "arrrrrrr" as in "Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, me hearty" from Captain Sparrow (not that I think he ever said that). More, a very light "arrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I found it!".

  10. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggg!

  11. I like to look at only a few tags, and I stay in my niche, but, as in reading Sara's blog, I like to find good ones outside my niche. But staying in a niche is good. In my first blog on Blogspot I covered a wide range of subjects and I didn't have niche, really.

    At one point I got a lot of views (for me) per day, but the only reason was because sometimes I posted four posts a day!

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