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An Off Topic Alternative

  1. I'd like to invite you to a forum which I just set up. The forum is an alternative to the Off Topic forum here at (without the penguins) :)

    If you have the CSS upgrade, there's also a section where you could post your CSS questions; I'd be more than happy to lend a hand whenever I can. Or if you'd like to share your own CSS code, you could post it there too.

    Check it out. You're welcome to join.


  2. yeah, if enough people join, he will post scary photos of himself, he just said that in the forum.

  3. Oh no... not the scary ones... those are reserved for something else.

  4. Tom Cruise is a member already....

  5. <i>Tom Cruise is a member already...</i>

    Oh, well in that case... Actually I did once see him (by accident) at the premiere of Mission Impossible III - he really is as short and orange as you'd imagine.

  6. well, devblog, you got to give 'em a good reason to join the forum, right? how about nekkid pictures, imitating poses of famous celebrities?

  7. sulz has a new avatar??????

  8. I didn't even recognize her!

  9. but this is how i look like in real life!


    i just needed a change... in avatar, in mind and in life!

  10. I don't visit the OT forums very often but I'm glad I did now ;)

  11. haha, i bet kstafford was the one who put the 'omg sulz' avatar' tag in the what did you post in your blog today thread!

  12. really surprising that she has a new avatar...

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