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an open invitation to "collect" codes for wordpress

  1. bloggersanjida

    i love codes. and oh, don't get me wrong, i don't wrote or even understand codes very much. but i love those neat codes that you put in widgets and all sorts of wonderful stuuff happen in your blog's sidebar. finding codes that work in wp is, unfortunatuely, a wild goose chase -as wp will have no javascript, iframe, or evan html that uses "form".

    i search for iteresting codes all the time through google search and by looking at other blogs. can you all please help me out?

    please provide the url of a wp-compatible code, and a brief description of what that code is supposed to display.

    if each of us provides at least one code (repeats are discouraged)we will have a wonderful collection of codes for everyone's benefit!

    thank you!

  2. There are a few of these threads in the Off Topic forum already.

  3. bloggersanjida

    hi raincoaster,
    i searched "code" in forum and found this thread:

    it doesn't contain a code inventory.
    could you paste the url where i can get my hands on collection of wp-compatible codes to be used in the sidebar?

    thank you!

  4. If you want text or images centered, the code is:

    <div align="center">TEXT OR IMAGE</div>

  5. bloggersanjida

    thanks nosysnoop!
    it will come in handy.

    and thanks sulz!
    but ahem, it is not at all comprehensive. there are oodles of codes out there and sigh, i guess i have to hunt for them manually. please, dear fate, help me!
    i found loads and loads and LOADS of codes in but sigh, they are all js. does anyone out there know of any site that has loads of wordpress-compatible codes?


  6. There is no such site for and no such myspace style "list". But, not to worry. People come to your blog to read your posts and not to admire your cutesy sidebar "tat" (friendly laughter). Absolutely no offence intended but ... sheesh {rolling eyes}... you're cracking me right up.

  7. bloggersanjida

    i agree with you timethief,
    and i am not worried.
    however if sidebar stuff were so insignificant, why does sulz have "digital love" or raincoaster the "blue ribbon"? i LOVE these features! (i am sure people visit their blogs for the posts, and not the sidebar tats ;)

    everything has its place. and their reason to be.
    sidebars do spice up your blog.
    don't use them if YOU hate them ;)
    thanks for your reply

  8. Blue ribbon? What Blue Ribbon do I have?

    Seriously, there are several threads. Search for them. If you don't find anything, use different words.

  9. bloggersanjida

    so you removed it! too bad you don't remember it. to refresh your memory go to i am sure you will recognise it ;)

    and ok, seriously, i will do search instead of trying to get people to contribute.

    thanks for your time.

  10. I never had that on my blog. I love the EFF, but I hate the button.

    The thing is, people have already contributed, repeatedly. What you're asking is for them to completely re-do what they've already done. "No" is an appropriate answer, one to be expected under the circumstances.

    Besides, YOU haven't contributed any sidebar widgets at all. That was your suggestion in the first place, wasn't it?

  11. bloggersanjida

    i know what i saw. it was at the bottom of your blog, somewhere near "free karim".

    i have it not in my side bar, true, but i have it in a post about activism online:
    for me, codes are ok for posts also.

    i DO want to contribute, i thought it would be better if i sort them out first.
    maybe i should do it right away....

  12. bloggersanjida

    charity starts at home, and so i will start to "chip in". i will be posting urls where you (anyone interested) can find codes to put in your sidebar (and occassionakky, as i do, in your post). my contributions will include the url and also a small description. and please don't mind the random order.

    responsible commenting:
    We (that means all of us, blogers, writers readers) want to be treated with respect. We want to be listened to and listen to others, we want to argue, voice our opinion and raise controversy. We want to keep the right to our opinion, and we don’t want to be censored, but we do want and expect to be treated with respect and dignity even if people find our opinions disturbing.
    (excerpt from the website
    help the cause by pasting their er, image. get the code from the bottom of the site.

  13. bloggersanjida

    Help Us Protect Free Speech Online!
    EFF is a donor-funded nonprofit group of passionate people—lawyers, technologists, volunteers, and visionaries — who depend on your support to continue successfully defending your digital rights. Litigation is particularly expensive; because two-thirds of our budget comes from individual donors, every contribution is critical to helping EFF fight —and win—more cases.
    (excerpt from the website)
    help the cause by pasting their image.
    get the code at

  14. bloggersanjida

    karim has been sentenced to four years in prison for expressing his opinion in his blog.
    YOU can help free karim by displaying an image.
    get the code at:

  15. bloggersanjida

    people might be interested: this website

    creates a hug counter so your readers can give you a virtual hug.
    (copied from

  16. bloggersanjida

  17. That button was never on my blog; do you know it better than I do?

  18. bloggersanjida

    How about the weather pixie? You can choose between different styles of pixies (I've got a Weather Flapper, but there are goths and all kinds of options) and all kinds of different locations in the world; even have more than one. They instantly tell you the weather for wherever you've set them; as I'm on holiday, I keep checking Vancouver's weather pixie and laughing my head off at all the rain they're getting while I'm away.
    (copied from
    get the code at

  19. bloggersanjida

    no insult intended raincoaster,
    but of course i know better than YOU do what i saw ;)

    let's drop this issue, please.

  20. If you promise not to correct me about my own blog in future, I'll be happy to drop it. Seriously, that rotating blue ribbon thing is just ugly.

  21. bloggersanjida

    no worries,
    we all make mistakes sometimes. if i knew you felt so strongly about being exposed about it, i wouldn't have mentioned it in a forum. my mistake.
    now have a deep breath, it will help you relax.
    psst: they also have a non-rotating version. not too beautiful though.

  22. bloggersanjida

    and oh, i forgot to promise, yes, in future if i want to point anything about your blog i will do so in your blog.
    yes, i promise.

  23. bloggersanjida

    now back to the code library,
    you can get daily quotes, word of the day, spelling bee, this day in history etc etc.
    get the code from here:
    (it's not working in my blog, though ;( )

  24. bloggersanjida

    i love this one. it lets you know how many viewers are visiting your blog at the moment:

  25. bloggersanjida

    and i love this one even better,
    it let's you know WHERE your recent visitors were from:
    to get the code, first register.

  26. bloggersanjida

    this is really useful.
    Fight Back Against Spammers
    WWW Robots (also called wanderers, spiders, crawlers, or bots) are programs that crawl the Web continually retrieving linked pages. When a spammer's bot visits your website, blog, forum, etc, all pages and sites linked to it will be searched looking for email addresses.
    Now you can fight back against their robots!

    All you have to do is link to this page so that whenever a spammer's robot scans your page, it will be sucked into this one.
    (taken from the site)

    get the code:

  27. I knew there was a reason I promised myself not to read your threads. I regret reneging on that promise. You're on your own.

    If it's so easy for you to find all these codes, and you wanted codes, why didn't you just go find them in the first place instead of annoying people?

  28. bloggersanjida

    help make poverty history. get code:

  29. bloggersanjida

    this site has a coolection of "happy posters". frankly speaking i don't like what they have to offer. but they will allow visitors to upload their own happy posters.
    check it, YOU might like it!


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