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    this morning everything to do with this blog was fine, since stopping for a meeting you have made a simple task difficult for no apparent gain that I can locate, the changes made without my request or consent are an unwelcome intrusion into my studies, I now have to spend all night testing and retesting the new edit protocols rather than developing my research after having wasted the last hour in frustrated confusion rebooting and upgrading and generally being messed about by a system that no longer delivers what I signed up to or for, is there any way I can reverse the jiggery pokery and continue to use the service as offered when I began?

    The blog I need help with is


    Good luck with that!

    WordPress have treated their users with arrogance yet again. Whoever owns the business needs to knock some sense into the IT heads….using WordPress is not just a vanity exercise for some of us.


    Indeed – what happened to my blog? I can’t edit the format, the pictures I used to post to the side are now placed on top, with no caption box, etc.
    I have grown increasingly frustrated over the past few months as the editing feature failed repeatedly, and to edit required “updating” an entry three, even five time before I could get the cursor to the relevant word, but even that annoyance (which extended each posting time from seconds to minutes) was as nothing to what you’ve done now. Hell, I can’t even find the “sign out” feature to try to start again.

    I’ve been with WordPress for years, but that’s about to end.


    My suggestion is to not use the “new, less functional editor”. I made a blog post, if interested:

    You’ll have to use work-arounds, but I found them to be much better than the cookies that WP used to have for switching editors (WP has eliminated that link). They also work for editing older posts, too.


    @wudansan, I’m sorry you were frustrated! Is there anything I can do to help you from this point?

    @christopherfountain, for captions on individual images, click the image and then click the icon that looks like a comment bubble in the image toolbar. The sign out link is located at

    Many of the recent editor updates were made based on user feedback, so I hope you might consider giving it more time if that’s possible for you. If not, dandelionsalad’s suggestion to use /wp-admin will hopefully help in your case.


    I went to edit a page on my blog today, November 16, 2015 and I saw this horrible change. What the hell? I can’t edit with this! Now I have to edit by searching Pages or Posts under WPAdmin, but why should I have to go through that? Well at least you got rid of Beep Beep Boop, whatever the hell that was, but I need the full WPAdmin edit function, not this kindergarden feature., you are a respectable organization, but you must be hiring children or idiots to make these changes, each one worse than the previous.


    The main Forum thread is

    The WP blog post is, but if you leave a comment with anything slightly negative it may not be approved or may take days before it’s approved.

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