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    does anyone have a way of enabling blog tracking using google analytics…?? I cannot locate the (/wp-content/plugins/) to add 3rd party plugins…

    The blog I need help with is


    Google analytics cannot be used at wordpress.COM, and we cannot use plugins, so we have no access to the underlying structure.

    If you have to have GA, then you will have to host your blog on a third-party hosting site using the software from wordpress.ORG.


    any options other than GA…?


    Sitemeter, Activemeter and Statcounter have some plain HTML versions that can be used here (code placed in a text widget) but make sure you get the plain HTML versions of the code, not the script/javascript version. The information you will get will be limited since we cannot use script/javascript here though.


    I should also mention that you can use stats as well, and since wordpress already uses their service, you get more information from them than from the others.




    Those are great articles on @timethief site by the way ;)




    Thanks for the praise. I appreciate it. :)

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