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Anchor tags between pages within the blog

  1. Hello

    I've searched the forums and FAQ, and other sources on html, but keep getting it wrong.

    I'd like to make a link on the front page which goes to a section (a word) on another page within the same blog.

    The theme of my blog is Regulus.

    Can anyone help, please?


  2. Might help us help you if you told us what specifically you were trying.

    This FAQ may help you if you haven't seen it yet.

  3. Thanks, drmike.

    I inserted on the front page
    <a href="">NAME</a>

    and on the About page, at the word I need,
    <a href="#b">NAME</A>

    When I publish, the code shows up on the front page, and there's no link. Perhaps I need to list local host files instead of the url to the about page. In which case, how do I find the details?

    Thanks again

  4. OK, faulty html. Sorry. Should be <a name="#b">NAME</A>

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