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Anchored Soul - " The Shocking Youth Message"

  1. I heard this sermon ("The Shocking Youth Message") by Paul Washer on YouTube about a week ago. But after I listened to it again last night, I decided that it should be something that I post on my website. Essentially, this is the equivalent to one of my huge visions for the American teens of today. And I know that this message is probably offensive to many people. But it is a truth that needs to be preached until we see revival in the midst of every church youth group in this country.

    - Anchored Soul

    The blog I need help with is

  2. invisiblemikey

    Whether or not I might agree or disagree, I would never, EVER expect my viewers/readers to sit and watch a 58 minute video! As soon as I saw that, I was done.

    It shows a lack of respect for the fact that others have lives, duties and responsibilities outside of your desire to offer messages, no matter how important you believe those messages to be. Plus, it's lazy to just re-post some other guy's whole presentation.

    If you care about these beliefs, you should be writing about them in your own words, and supporting your positions with short quotes, clips or pictures.

  3. I agree. I'm not going to watch an hour long video, either. Review it or rehash it. If your arguments are compelling, I might watch it. But probably not.

  4. I see your point(s). I understand what you are saying about how most people probably have lives that lack the time to watch an hour long video. I guess that was something which I didn't take into account when I posted the video. However, the point of my blog is to share with others what has been encouraging me in my walk with Christ. I'm not asking or demanding that my readers watch the video. I more just wanted to make it available for others so that they could experience the same encouragement that I did. But regardless of who watches the video, I appreciate the feed back that you guys have been giving me, and I am sure that it will prove to be helpful in the future.

  5. @anchoredsoul
    I agree 100% with what invisiblemikey an momfog have said. I would like to add something. The next time you post a blog promotion here please simply state what the topic is. In this case the video is aimed at Christian evangelizing and it's directed at teens.

  6. habituatedbuddhist

    I think its a mistake to say not to post a 58 min video. If interested, I now know that it exists and where to find it... Nothing wrong with the blog serving as a resource. That said... A summary by the blogger would be great since I generally won't click what is an unknown video.

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