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  1. Hi,
    Is there a way, for example, if I want to post a book on my blog, to make it easier, to jump to chapters.
    Having the whole book in one post, can I, for example, make links/anchors at the begining of the post that will automaticaly scroll down to a specific chaper (for each chapter).


  2. There may be some useful information for you in this FAQ:

  3. The FAQ helps if you want to upload only 1 book, but if I want to upload more than 1 it would help if I knew how to create anchors on WP. Can anyone help?

  4. Link:
    <a href="#AnchorName">VisibleTextLeadingToTarget</a>
    Visible target:
    <a name="AnchorName">VisibleTargetText</a>
    Invisible target:
    <a name="AnchorName"></a>
    The anchor name shows in the address bar of the browser. You can use any name, provided you use the same one for the link and its target, and a different one for another link & target pair. The two visible texts can be identical or not.

    For intance, in the beginning you can have:

    <a href="#ch2">Skip to Chapter II</a>
    <a href="#ch3">Skip to Chapter III</a>

    before the beginning of the actual Chapter II:
    <a name="ch2"></a>
    before the beginning of the actual Chapter III:
    <a name="ch3"></a>

  5. Thanks, yep just found the same thing on FAQ:

  6. It would be really nice if in the next WP iteration, they had an anchor button so it could be inserted easily.

    Yeah, I can write the code, but I'm lazy. :)

  7. Ye, that would be a good idea.

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