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And people say dancer's can't count higher than 8! ha!

  1. I am a high school freshman at an elite school where our classes are either honors, plus, AP, or college dual enrollment, and I also dance about 10 hrs a week between ballet, lyrical, pointe, jazz, tap, hiphop, character, assistant teaching, and rehersals! In addition to loving history (and school in general) and dance, I also love cooking, photography, and reading.

    My blog is about my daily life, in addition to any "just for fun" stuff like uploading recipes, photo's i have taken, or reviews on books I have read lately. I have only recently gotten started, but trust me you won't be bored after reading (or watching) some of the things I have posted.

    Thanks! :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry, got bored after exactly 3 seconds. It's just too random stuff I guess, feels like an extended supplement to a MySpace page.

  3. I've had a quick look and although it's not my thing, I would encourage you to continue. You've only just started and if you're really into writing, you'll find your voice and your niche soon enough.

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