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    I added a sub page to the top menu and It does not appear as a drop down of the parent page.
    This is Accomplishing Our Mission as a sub page of Our Story.

    If you navigate to the parent page there is no where I can even see there to find the sub page.
    Am I missing something??

    The blog I need help with is


    Oh..I am on the free site. And can the top menus even support submenus with these themes.


    We can’t navigate anywhere because your username doesn’t link to the blog you’re talking about.



    You will have to access the custom menu you created and include your new sub-page there. To edit your blog’s custom menu, access the editor via the Appearance -> Menus. See here please for illustrated instructions. >


    I think that adds another problem. If I add the custom menu to the top, then I can’t add a different custom menu to the left side, since that theme only supports one custom menu. I’m thinking that getting private hosting and paying is the route to go if you want a little more customization. I’ll check through some more themes to see if they support more custom menus.
    Thank you!


    I just had a partial solution though. I can use the blog roll as a second menu..its just to link emails. But then can I add two blog rolls or change the admin links? I guess I’m trying to trick the blog into having three menus.
    Alternatively a possibility is Just Having a contact page and putting the links within the contact page.


    “Supports one custom menu” means one header menu. You can create as many custom menus as you wish, and add the rest to the sidebar by going to Appearance>Widgets and adding the Custom Menu Widget.


    thank you!

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