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  1. I just purchased credits so that I can add a custom header to the (very nice) andreas theme.
    However, I clicked to take a look at the site and consider which image I was going to choose, the page loaded with the entry column out of place. (I hadn't even touched it yet!)

    Anyone had this happen? Have any quick fixes? I'm a CSS novice, and it would take me a long time to try to adjust it (assuming it will read the same to all viewers). Any feedback would be awesome. Thanks so much.


    here's the blog if you want to take a look.

  3. Bad, bad bad! You're not supposed to have a company site on!

  4. Actually a company blog is fine and allowed in the ToS. It's just when you start selling stuff off from it is when there's a problem. (I don't see any of that. Please let me know if you do.)

    Why not reset you're CSS? Go to the CSS editor and choose the "Start from scratch and just use this" option and clikc on Save Changes. Afterwards, click on the "Add to existing CSS" and click on Save Changes again.

  5. Generally, we do not allow commercial blogs.

  6. Your point drmike? As you know that is VIP hosting. "Generally". The exception that makes the rule.

  7. *sigh* I'm as clear as mud about what VIP blogs are allowed in terms of advertising and which blogs are and which blogs aren't VIP blogs.

  8. Timethief, the good news is that you do not have to worry about it. Only staff do. If it is not blatant spam or mature, then why report it.

  9. *acknowledged* If it's blatant spam on the forum put up a modlook tag without posting. If it's spam or mature elswehere - report it. When in doubt on the forum put up a modlook tag and move on without posting.

  10. The issue I felt (since it's moot now as the blog has been tosed) is that we do allow commerical blogs. It's just when folks are trying to seel stuff is when they're not.

    We also have a television station weather blog here at (that I can't find although we've talking about it here int eh forums) It's commerical but yet they don't sell anything.

  11. @drmike
    Sometimes, in cases like this one, it's obvious that a blog is being used primarily drive traffic to a commercial site. I guess that's when you wanted us bloggers to put up a ToS tag and move on without posting anything and without reporting the blog to staff. Is that right?

  12. drmike, "only when someone is selling stuff it is a problem" is not correct.

    I think "Generally, we do not allow commercial blogs." is clear, and my recommendation is only to report blatantly spam. Or mature content, which you arrive at through community features like community tags or blog of the day.

    drmike, aside, when you say "we", people unfamiliar with your role may confuse you as staff. Something to be careful about.

  13. aside: {Gosh I thought drmike's "we" meant "at" and can't imagine anyone interpreting it in any other way.}

  14. Actually I meant we as the general "everybody's included here at" sense. :)

    My point remains though as "we" do have commerical blogs here at without issue that do not exist within the VIP program. It's a matter of what you do with your blog.

    Not a biggie though.

  15. That's what I thought so I'm glad I now clearly understand both of you ...
    I think {just kidding} ... I do understand. :)

    Generally speaking blogs are non-commercial blogs. The ToS which all bloggers agree to to blog at also clearly states, "the Content is not spam, and does not contain unethical or unwanted commercial content designed to drive traffic to third party sites" so business bloggers must be mindful of that contractual term. Although we do have some business blogs here they are not allowed to transact business through their blogs or to post more than one discrete affiliate link.

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